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Hands On Crafts for Kids celebrates the creativity of kids with fun projects that are designed for the 7-12 age group, as well as parents, teachers, and group leaders. Hands On Crafts for Kids invites participation and is designed to get kids involved. The show is curriculum based with themed content by episodes. Instructions are easy to follow, and are reinforced with step-by-step instructions, and visuals.

Kids and adults delight in the wide variety of topics and the creative projects our designers from across the country create. We’ll take you on crafting trips around the world, in your own backyard, and to ancient civilizations as we cut, paste, glue and paint an amazing variety of truly inventive and creative projects. And best of all, at Hands On Crafts for Kids, there’s no right or wrong way to be creative – “only your way”!


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Jenny Barnett Rohrs, Katie Hacker, Hosts
Hands On Crafts for Kids

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Franz Spohn, Host
Hands On Crafts for Kids

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Have fun crafting with the following Hands On Crafts for Kids series:

Series 1700
Join us as we “bond together “as creativity begins at home.  We have some exciting changes in store for you this season. First up is a weekly feature using your very own family craft box filled with basic craft supplies.  Add things you find around your house for creative fun.  Also meet Franz Spohn, artist extraordinaire. He brings the artist’s perspective to imaginative projects that release your inner artist.   Sharing some hosting duties with Katie Hacker, is blogger Jenny Barnett Rohrs, get the inside scoop on projects from other   bloggers around the country and the things they make with their own kids.  And if that’s not enough every week we have amazing crafting projects.    

Series 1600
Join us this season as we celebrate the artist in you!  Along with all of our great craft projects we’re also adding art and design techniques.  In fact each show will have two art and two craft projects.  We’ve also added a co-host, Katie Hacker.  Candie concentrates on art techniques and Katie a mom and home schooler will feature craft ideas. Each of the shows is themed around an art term, even for our craft projects.   Learn about Things like texture, perspective and lines -   and of course make really fun projects. Let your inner artist shine through this season of Hands On  Crafts for Kids.

Series 1500
We have a lot of crafting fun for you this season. You’ll love surrounding yourself with things you make. We’ll be making crafty creatures-some that are out of this world, celebrating unusual holidays, recycling items from around your house, experimenting with fun materials, and so much more. Be creative, have fun! Make crafting part of everyday.

Series 1400
We have some exciting changes for this season – from a new host Candie Cooper, to a new set and logo, and a whole new attitude about crafting. We want crafting to become a part of your life every day; surround yourself with things you make, and make being creative a part of who you are.

Series 1300
Pack your bags for the trip of a life time! Hand On Crafts for Kids, Series 1300 returns to one of the most popular topics in our 13 years of production: “Crafts Around the World”. This series recognizes the cultural diversity of the United States and encourages kids and parents to learn more about their heritage. It is also an excellent resource for teachers, group leaders, and after school programs with easy projects representing countries and cultures. Each week is a different country with projects using 5 steps and 5 main ingredients. We encourage creativity and substitution of the items kids have on hand at home to complete their projects.
Visit Peru, Italy, Canada, the United States, Ghana, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Egypt, and Scotland this season.

Series 1200
This season of Hands On is all about Living Things.  Learn about the Animals and plants that share our environment through great projects.    We’ve divided them into the same classifications used by scientists. 
First we divide the animal kingdom by whether or not they have a backbone. Then we look at other characteristics like what they eat, where they live, and their body temperature. The groups we’ll study are amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. For invertebrates we’ll divide them into insects, arachnids, and crustaceans and mollusks.
For plants, we’ll talk about the way we see and use plants in everyday life.
Every project has 5 steps and 5 main ingredients plus you’ll want to keep basic supplies like scissors, markers, toothpicks and rulers on hand.  Remember – be creative!   And let’s learn about living things.

Series 1100
Learn skills for a whole lifetime of crafting on this season of Hands On.  At school, home or even in sports, each week we’ve got craft basics and great projects, each with 5 steps and 5 main ingredients. And every project teaches a new skill that you can use over and over again.  And Remember – be creative!  
Series 1000
Its Back to Basics on this 10th anniversary series of Hands On. Each show is packed with lots of projects, each with five steps and five ingredients and featuring a Basic Theme like patterns or letters. Also included on each show is a basic how – to lesson on a favorite craft or craft material, like scrapbooking or clay or even wood. Each show also includes another basic - a painting lesson: from choosing paint - to preparing the surface. Remember – be creative and get back to basics with Hands On.

Hands On Series 900
Cultural Traditions of the Islands
Hands On Crafts for Kdis, series 900 – Cultural Traditions of the Islands drops anchor at a different island each week. Traveling around the world, ports of call include the Bahamas, Cuba, Hispaniola, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Madagascar, New Zealand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Sicily, Taiwan, and Tahiti. Each of the thirteen shows visits one island and learns about their culture and habitat through hands on crafts. Every project has just five main steps and five main ingredients plus the basics.

Hands On Series 800
54321 - Countdown to crafting fun!
The excitement is building as Hands On Crafts for Kids, Series 800 beings its countdown to 65 spectacular new, creative and easy projects. Each project includes no more than 5 easy steps and no more than 5 main supplies so you can easily complete the designs in to time flat. It’s as easy as 5,4,3,2,1 as Hands On shares ideas for cool room décor, party favors, scrapbooking, seasonal decorations and more.

Hands On Series 700
Crafting in the USA
It’s time for another journey with Hands On Crafts for Kids – across the United States! From New England all the way to Hawaii, it’s time to celebrate the customs and symbols of the 50 United States with Series 700, Crafting in the USA. There are state birds, flags, landmarks, and design styles representing each of the major regions of the country. Each show is packed with creative projects that kids ages 7-12 will find fun and easy to do while learning more about the USA. A little red, white and blue is in order so lets get started on a trek across these great United States!

HANDS ON Series 600
Back In Time
Travel Back In Time with Hands On Crafts for Kids!From ancient civilizations all the way to the 19th century, this series is filled with over 65 craft projects. Topics include: Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, Mayans, Vikings and Other Explorers, Japanese Empire, Middle Ages in Europe, Renaissance, Ming Dynasty, Native Americans in North America, Colonial America, Industrial Revolution and 1900’s to the present day.

HANDS ON Series 500
Camp Hands On
Explore camping and nature through crafting at Camp Hands On! Topics include Camp Supplies, Make New Friends, Take A Hike (into the woods), Tracking and Folklore, The Night Sky, Fun and Games, Around The Campfire, Nature, Down By The River, Bugs, Camp Memories, and Camp Hands On Cabin. Everyone can enjoy Camp Hands On without even leaving home!

HANDS ON Series 400
Crafts Around The Earth
Explore the habitats of the world with Hands On and learn about the environment, wildlife and people of these regions through crafts. You’ll visit the: Outback, Rainforest, Endangered Earth, Garden, Desert, Farm, In the Beginning, Forest, Tropics, Beach, Arctic and Antarctica, Coral Reef and Mother Earth herself. Some actually use products from the habitat, others show examples of wildlife and some re-create the habitat in a craft project.

HANDS ON Series 300
Crafting Together
Crafting is fun when you are all by yourself, but the fun doubles when you craft together. This Hands On series has 65 projects that are designed as multiple, easily made creations that can be enjoyed on your own or with a group. This series is perfect for classrooms, scout troops, families or any group. Make one puppet or an entire jungle scene. Themes are: Traditions, Fall, Mosaics, Puppetry, Gifts, Spring, Rainy Day, Heritage, Parties, Magic Potions, Recycling, Wearables, and Cold Weather.

HANDS ON Series 200
Crafts Around the World
Travel around the world with Hands On and learn about countries and cultures through their crafts. This series features different parts of the world including Africa, Australia, Canada, China, Egypt/Israel/Morocco, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom and United States for a total of 65 projects. This is a fantastic trip around the world for kids 7 to 12.

HANDS ON Series 100
Crafts For Kids
This is the first series of Hands On that you won’t want to miss. There are 65 great crafting projects for kids 7-12. Topics include: The Insect World, Colonial America, Stories, Space, Wind, Nature, Oceanography, Patterns, Stamping, Recycling, Native Americans, Color and Light, and Lines and Shapes. Kids learn about the world around them through crafting.

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