Make It Artsy

Make It Artsy
is a brand new show dedicated to the crafter, maker and artist - celebrating the maker spirit and enthusiasm that extends to every part of life. It’s more than crafting, more than art or scrapbooking, showcasing everything from mixed media to metalsmithing, using tools from saws to sewing machines, and materials from paper to wood. Join host Julie Fei Fan Balzer and unleash a new look for crafting with a touch of industrial style.

Hosted by: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Julie is a mixed media artist, painter, and avid memory keeper. She loves to create all kinds of artwork and experiment with lots of different supplies and techniques. Julie has been lucky enough to have artwork and articles published in multiple books and magazines (including her own book Carve Stamp Play).  Julie has hosted Scrapbook Soup for several years and now steps into hosting duties for Make It Artsy.  She designs stencils for The Crafter's Workshop and shares her love of everything handmade on her blog six-days-a-week. Julie lives outside of Boston, MA.  

Julie blogs her art adventures at Follow her Twitter feed at .

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